How to remove the excess weight of the sides?

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 5th November 2018
How to get rid of excess weight at home?

It is possible to remove the excess weight of the sides in two weeks only after you transfer the muscular load to these parts of the body. Many exercises can help in this situation. Aerobics, which includes movements for almost all body parts, is perfect. But these activities require free time, which is difficult to find.

For beginners, those who don’t know how to remove the excess weight from the sides, it is better to choose more straightforward exercises. We studied those in school. So, it would be best if you stood up straight. Make your back straight and put your hands on the sides of your waist. Further, we begin to lean in turn in one direction, then in the opposite direction.


It is better to leave laziness in the past since performing these exercises at half-strength does not make sense. Ideally, the elbow should be as close as possible to the thigh at each bend. These exercises seem simple, but they are not easy to perform, especially for an unprepared person. You can afford a little rest after 15-20 bends in each direction.
For the next exercise, you must return to the starting position: the back is straight, and the arms are at the waist.

Your task is to turn the torso to the left and right, causing muscles to twist as much as possible.
Both described exercises should be performed smoothly and gradually without making sharp movements that can cause injury.

More challenging exercises to remove the excess weight on the sides

Now you can go to more complex activities.

It is necessary to maintain a straight position on the legs and back. The back of the head should be flush with the spine. You can make this exercise a little more complicated. However, as you pull the torso off the floor, you must raise your legs and feet, bend them in the knees, and move towards the body.

You can also increase the load without touching the floor with your legs and torso. So, the abdominal muscles would always be tense. Of course, it may be difficult for you to keep balance initially. However, it will become more comfortable after several days of training.

How to slim the sides in two weeks

Those thinking about sliming the sides in two weeks will benefit from the following exercise to strengthen the lateral muscles. It would be best if you lay on your left side, put your left hand behind your head, and begin to swing your legs. After 30 to 40 movements, you can change the position: lie on your right side and repeat all the actions.

This exercise can be even more helpful if you don’t let the leg touch the floor fully after the swing, forcing the muscles to remain in tension all the time.

Exercise will help remove the excess weight on the sides, and colonic hydrotherapy will help clean the body of toxins.