Methods to fight obesity

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 1st November 2018
Methods to fight. What is obesity? Hormonal failures causes of Adiposity/obesity and weight loss treatment

Obesity is a chronic multifactorial heterogeneous disease developing due to excessive adipose tissue accumulation in the body. For instance, in men, at least 20%, in women – 25% of body weight; body mass index (BMI) is more than 25-30. Various methods to fight obesity with physical activity show particular effectiveness.

Today, scientists believe that the primary cause of obesity is an unhealthy diet, followed by a lack of physical activity, stress, external factors and heredity.

Insignificant and, at first glance, “small weaknesses” that a person allows himself can significantly increase in weight. For example, if you eat one extra cookie daily, the weight gain will be 1.1 kg per year, and one tablespoon of mayonnaise will cause a weight gain of 4.8 kg per year.


Weight depends on how a person eats and how physically active he is. Typical, modern people lead mainly a sedentary lifestyle. They ride a vehicle instead of walking. They also use the escalator and elevator, even in cases where you can do without those. Furthermore, people perform work while sitting and spend a lot of time in front of TVs and on computers. So, this behaviour contributes to the increase in body weight and the development of obesity.

Worldwide statistics show that the percentage of people who are obese is steadily rising. The Organization for Economic Commonwealth and Country Development (OECD) presented the latest data on the dynamics of the spread of obesity worldwide. According to the data obtained, among the inhabitants of the most developed countries, every second person is overweight now, and one out of six is obese. Methods to fight obesity can get rid of the problem or even prevent it.

The United States and Mexico top the rankings. Approximately 70% of people are overweight, and more than one-third of the population in these countries are obese.

Comprehensive Methods to fight obesity

An important role belongs to physical factors in the complex therapy and prevention of obesity. One of the areas of obesity treatment is increasing the body’s energy expenditure by assigning various physical activities.

Physical activities such as therapeutic physical training, walking, running, swimming, skiing, ice skating, and various sports games significantly impact the amount of energy exchange. Besides, those significantly increase energy expenditure and contribute to improving and normalising metabolism. Moreover, physical activities enhance the breakdown of fat in adipose tissue. They also improve the functional ability of all organs and systems, improving efficiency.


We recommend physical training for all forms and stages of obesity. Patients should focus on their state of health, choosing the method of implementation, the number and the intensity of exercise. Of course, you must consult a doctor or an instructor in physiotherapy exercises before starting classes.

Those professionals can advise what types of physical activity and volume to perform. They can review dependencies on the degree of obesity and the patient’s condition. They can also study your organism’s functional capabilities, considering age, gender and physical fitness.

Proper nutrition and physical activity are the primary methods to fight obesity. Besides, we believe colonic irrigation will help the body eliminate already accumulated toxins.