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Oberon - computer diagnostic of organism

According to its inventors, Oberon “allows diagnosing not only pronounced pathological processes, but also the earliest forms of the diseases or predisposition to them,” however it “does not belong to the class of medical equipment and consequently does not have to be registered with the committees for certification and licensing of medical-purpose equipment.”
The telemetry data processing diagnostic device for the non-linear analysis “Oberon”, (further the device) is intended for the express estimation of the human organism status, which is based on registration of changes in human body organs and histological structures; for the dynamic control of the homoeostasis condition, as well as providing the prognosis of treatment stages and possible complications.

Many holistic clinics and their branches use this device for preventative treatments.
The diagnostic device allows the doctor to substantially reduce the time of the express estimation of the condition of a human organism as a whole system. The invention is intended for registering changes in human body organs and histological structures and allows:

    • receiving a quality estimation of the functional condition of a human organism in the form of the peak analysis;
    • checking efficiency and results of the various therapeutic methods for treatments;
    • estimation of the adaptive abilities of a human organism;
    • carrying out the analysis of dynamical changes under a functional condition of a human organism during treatment;
    • establishing the primacy of the functional infringement locus;
    • estimating pathology character, using expert systems;
    • estimating homoeostasis key parameters;
  • etc.


Oberon London - computer diagnostics of organism | Breast cancer

The associates of the Institute of Practical Psychophysics (IPP) have made a revolution in the development of computer system which can independently detect and correct defects and pathologies in human organs and tissue! The Institute staff have produced analogue – free diagnostic equipment which enables to keep a close watch on all the stages in the transition from health to illness, via fluctuating wave characteristics of body tissue and even individual cells or chromosomes.

Non-linear diagnostics system are the most advanced medical technologies which presently, on the threshold of the XXI century, can be considered the most amazing and promising achievements is medicine. They comprise unique diagnosis equipment based on spectral analysis of vortex magnetic fields in living organisms.

NLS allows receiving the most detailed information on health or the earliest disease manifestation, including cancer conditions, which is hardly possible in using other investigation techniques, such as ultrasound investigation, X-Ray examination, computer-aided tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), which can only detect a developed condition.
A high number of experiments carried out at the IPP confirm a close relationship between magnetic fields and fields used by the biological system as a means of extra– and intracellular interaction. The vortex magnetic fields are of importance to information transfer and communication with the bio-system.

How do biological systems recognise and pick out the necessary information from the background noise and in what way do intro– and extracellular communications take place?

The research on fields of energy around living plants and animals carried out at the Institute has brought to a conclusion, that, around biological systems, there exist magnetic fields of an exceedingly weak low–frequency. In trying to figure out the world of energetic fields we have come close to understanding the phenomenon of the bio-field which people have been aware of from time immemorial with some evidence found in the Ayur–Veda and traditional Chinese medicine. 
The scientific discoveries that are the foundation of this method technologically add to the age-old wisdom of Oriental medicine which is based on an energetic conception of acupuncture as a means of biological system control. Using the Chinese meridian system we can see enigmatic Chi – flow which, in every way, reminds us of coherent photon flow.
Experiments on rabbits showed that animals, just like human beings, have a most delicate system of tubular structures, approximately 0,5 to 1,5 micron in diameter. America scientist B. Kim managed to discover according to which the terminal points of acupuncture meridians reach the cellular nucleus of muscular tissue. There are lots of ways to influence the meridian system intending to healing, but they don’t seem to have much effect.
The equipment developed at the IPP enables to determine the condition of stable existence of any material system (object) irrespective of its structural organisation (mechanical, physiochemical, biological or sociological), the human body included.
According to the Theory of quantum entropy logic, the information exchange between system takes place distantly, associatively and selectively due to the quanta of electromagnetic radiation having an energy equivalent to that of breaking the bonds of the system’s primary structure. The principles of Theory of quantum entropy logic give reason to assert that in the course of information exchange in biological systems there arise unstable (metastable) states in which the probability of the system’s destruction increases sharply. 
The Oberon Metatron, which is the basis of the introduced diagnostics system, operates according to the principle of amplification of the initiating signal with the metastable system breaking up. Regarding physics, the Metatron is a system of electronic oscillator resonant at the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation with its energy being adequate to that of breaking the dominant bonds with maintaining the structural organisation of the organism under investigation.
Magnetic moments of the molecule currents, affected by external physical fields, lose their initial orientation which causes misalignment of the spin structures of the delocalized electrons of the cortex neuron admixture centres, and that gives rise to unstable metastable states with their break – up having an amplifying effect on the initiating signal. The hardware-software complex developed at the IPP enables to produce a specific bioelectric activity of brain neurons with making it possible to selectively amplify signals, faintly detectable against the statistical fluctuations, and the extract and decode the information they carry. In a certain way the Oberon apparatus “Takes the bearings” of this radiation just where it is being emitted to decode and display it later on the computer screen where a virtual model of the object is made in the specific colour. If to follow the rules of quantum chromokinetics, you represent the entropy values of a system as spectral colour, the tints will change from pale yellow (minimum entropy values) through orange to red and purple, nearly black (maximum entropy value).
More accurate computer-aided theoretical estimates enable to define a series of stationary states corresponding to a specific entropy potential and selectively interacting with the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Computer tomography and ultrasound scanners give doctors a three – dimensional projection of internal organs foreshortened in any required way. An agreed colour superimposed on the picture enables the doctor, on an intuitive basis, determine the brightness of the homoeostasis failure area on the organ projection. By comparing the tints of the range of colours and their arrangement on the computer – displayed model of the organ as well as dynamics of their change with time one can see how destruction processes go on in biological structures and make prognoses about the organism’s health status.
To find out a pathology the doctor investigates individual continuously decreasing cartographic quadrants (fractals) plotted and displayed by the computer until he or she localised the pathology nidus to extreme precision. It’s the first time the world’s market has presented the latest medical technologies in the field of active homoeostasis control program on the market, the research workers of the Institute of Practical Psychophysics have caused a revolution in the development of information techniques intended to correct faulty intraorganismal balance – homoeostasis and counteract some environmental or active pathological agents.
For the first time in the world the research workers of the IPP have managed to develop effective equipment which is able to automatically, with no man involved, tune to the frequency of nervous impulses of the organism and independently detect and correct defect and pathologies in organs and cells of the organism by means of a combination of different specifically modulated electromagnetic oscillations recorded on a matrix. 
The fundamental principle in the development of the equipment was a hypothesis that a human organism has an electromagnetic information framework which can respond to external electromagnetic radiation. The associates of the IPP have managed to bring together some different separate friends in natural medicine and thus actually make a qualitative leap by working out a method of active homoeostasis control. Direct consideration was given to homoeopathy, Chinese acupuncture further advanced by Folle, Morell and Schimmel; the Indian Yajur–Veda and the chakra theory; the spin theory; phytotherapy at all.
Theoretical and practical work that made it possible for the IPP to develop the Oberon apparatus, a low – frequency quantum generator, was started at the end of XIX century by the electronics genius Nikola Tesla. Later it was carried on by some scientists whose names are worthy of mentioning. J. Lakhovsky, an outstanding French researcher, studied the effect radio – frequencies on the animals` health and the condition of plants. The great American scientist R. Rife made some research on the effect of both radio – and electrical – frequencies on the human biological field. In 1950 R. Folle of Germany discovered and worked out an electrical testing system using acupuncture points on the human body. Unlike Folles` electropuncture diagnostics method according to which energetic potentials of organs and system are measured through biological active points (BAP) that indirectly (often with substantial error) reflect the condition of an organ, the method of NLS diagnostics worked out at the IPP assesses the organ’s condition directly due to the resonance amplification of the radiation of the organ under investigation and by taking the readings in a contactless way by means of trigger sensors. Every organ and cell has its distinctive oscillations which are recorded in the computer memory and can be displayed on the screen as a particular plot that shows the conditions of the information exchange between the organ/tissue and the environment. Every pathological process has its individual plot too. The computer memory has a high number of pathological processes recorded, with a degree of manifestation, age, sex and other differences are taken into account. Having considered the frequency characteristics off the organ diagnostics equipment can compare them by the degree of their spectral likeness with some reference processes (healthy, disease – affected tissue, infective agents) and reveals the most similar pathological process or a tendency towards its origination in the case of combinatory processes the virtual diagnostics mode enables to diagnose any process differentially. A fantastic opportunity offered by NLS – diagnostics is medicinal testing. The diagnostics system also gives some unique opportunities to record frequency oscillations of any medicinal preparations and according to the spectral characteristics, make an immediate computer-aided comparison of all the progress stored in computer memory (which may be about several thousands in number) with the aspects of the pathological process and thus find out the most efficient remedy.
The method of NLS – diagnostics enables:

    • to make a qualitative assessment of the functional condition of the organism as phantom topical analysis;
    • to control the efficiency and effect of various methods of therapeutic influence and assess the adaptation abilities of the organism;
    • to analyse the dynamic change in the functional conditional of the organism during the treatment;
    • to find out the primary nature of the nidus of a lesion;
  • to evaluate the nature of a pathology listing some expert system.

In the light of what was said above every disease can be presented as a failure of harmonious synchronisation in a biological object. Such kind of failure can be caused by various sources which, in their turn, can occasionally be regarded as disharmonizing electromagnetic oscillations which make blocks (noise) and interfere with normal functioning of the organism. It can be endeavoured to solve the problem of originating disharmonious oscillations regarding some laws of physics. The simplest way would be the use of electromagnetic oscillations with the opposite sign so that the algebraic sum of disharmonious and inverted electromagnetic oscillations would become equal to zero. With those conclusions in mind, in the middle 70s Dr F. Morell together with E. Rashet, an electronics engineer, invented a technique and device called Mora. The method of information therapy (meta-therapy) is a subsequent improvement of the Mora technique designed to solve the problems of restoring the vital natural functions of the organism in the cases of acute or chronic diseases. The scientists of the IPP have turned to the experiments by Prof. S. Smit of Manchester University who proved that water could “remember” coherent frequencies with which it was teated in a variable magnetic field and store those frequencies in its structure for a specific time. The method of information therapy is a way to influence the patient’s body with a combination of different modulated electromagnetic oscillations produced by the Oberon apparatus and correct the deranged intrabody balance and coherent radiation utilising information preparations (metazodes).

Metazodes are a specific combination of coherent frequencies found by the computer and used to get available medication forms with an orientated action. They can be received using the equipment that performs the transfer of spectrum (spectral) information taken off the pathology nidus to the matrix used by the patients in the course of treatment (water, spirits, lactose). Metazodes are apt to awaken dormant reserve of the organism, what accounts for a full sphere of influence of the preparations and the absence of harmful side effects and contraindications in the cases when simultaneously conventional remedies are prescribed.


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