Restoration of children’s intestinal microflora after antibiotics intake

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 9th September 2018
Useful intestinal microflora. Restoration of children's intestinal microflora after antibiotics intake

In the season of colds and infections, it is almost impossible to cure a child without “heavy artillery” antibiotics. These drugs kill pathogenic microorganisms but “cause” a severe blow to the microflora in the intestinal walls. By the way, cells that make up the immune system line the gut walls. Besides, children usually lose their appetite after antibiotics, and the abdomen has unpleasant feelings (bloating, flatulence, cramping pains). Therefore, restoring children’s intestinal microflora after antibiotics intake is crucial after the illness.


Because the intestines are devoid of beneficial bacteria, the digestion of food gets poor. Furthermore, the remaining particles rot and are quickly “evacuated” because diarrhoea and dehydration torment the child. Otherwise, stool particles condense, leading to constipation: the products of decay poison and weaken the body.

If the doctor insists on antibiotic treatment, he should mention the therapeutic drugs and vitamins in the list of medicines.

What is the diet for restoring children’s intestinal microflora after antibiotics intake?

Restoring children’s intestinal microflora after antibiotics intake necessarily includes a sparing diet.

Exclusions from the menu:

  • carbohydrate food and especially buns on yeast dough;
  • fat (also fatty cottage cheese and sour cream);
  • fried;
  • canned food (peas, corn, olives, etc.);
  • fast food and chips;
  • carbonated drinks and juices of dubious quality.

The food on the menu should be light and rich in vitamins. Welcome foods:

  • porridges cooked in the water without milk, not semolina;
  • boiled or stewed lean meat: veal, beef, turkey, chicken;
  • boiled, stewed or baked fish;
  • steamed vegetables;
  • cottage cheese, kefir, yoghurt;
  • It is better to prefer pure bottled water, homemade compotes, fruit drinks and dried fruit compotes.


If a baby is breastfed, then continue to breastfeed. Mom’s milk contains the Bifidus factor, which will help to colonise the intestines with beneficial bacteria naturally. If the child was given a lure before the illness, waiting 2-3 days before new portions of puree or soups is worthwhile. So, let the baby get the mother’s breast milk, which will restore his intestines most effectively.

Restoration of children’s intestinal microflora after antibiotics also includes taking vitamin complexes. Such a procedure as colonic irrigation will also help adults restore the intestine’s microflora.

Help Your Child’s Intestinal Microflora Balance After Antibiotics.