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Is colonic irrigation effective in the fight against intestinal candidiasis?

Colonic irrigation helps to cope with a number of unpleasant diseases or even completely prevent their development.
Candidiasis of the intestines (thrush) is an intestinal lesion caused by a fungal microflora (the main pathogen is Candida albicans) which worsens the functionality of the immune system with severe symptoms.
Candidiasis of the intestine is difficult to confirm since many healthy people with normal microflora have fungi of the genus Candida and are carriers of fungal infection. Fungal bowel disease, which leads to a pathological process, is almost never detected in people with a healthy immune system.
For a gastroenterologist, it is difficult to differentiate a transient candidosis from a non-invasive candidiasis of the intestine.
Detection of more than 1000 colony-forming units of Candida albicans per gram of pathological biomaterial indicates the disease with candidiasis of the intestine and excludes the carriage of fungal flora.
colonic irrigation and candidiasis

Is colonic irrigation good for you? Diagnostics of pathology and prevention.

In order to establish the correct diagnosis of "candidiasis of the intestine," a test is prescribed:
  1. Endoscopy of the intestine,
  2. Cultural examination,
  3. Examination of provoking factors
The intake of antifungal preparations on the basis of only the detection in the field of any fungi of the genus Candida is incorrect.
Colonic irrigation restores the microflora of the colon and rids the body of harmful bacteria and fungi.
There are two forms of intestinal candidiasis: invasive and non-invasive.
Gastroenterologists mostly deal with the non-invasive form of intestinal candidiasis against the background of normal microflora disturbances and reproduction of secondary bacterial microorganisms.
The malfunction in the immune system gives an opportunity for the fungus to multiply actively in the intestine and suppress normal bacteria. Fungi of the genus Candida reproduce by attaching itself to intestinal cells and penetrate deeper into the tissues to migrate to the general bloodstream, eventually spreading across all systems, causing candidiasis of the visceral organs.
In children, infection with fungal infection occurs at birth, at the time of passage through the mother's birth canal. If the mother suffered during pregnancy and childbirth with urogenital milkweed, the likelihood of having a candidiasis of the oral and intestinal canal is almost certain for the child.
Colonic irrigation prevents the spread of harmful fungi, which restores the microflora of the colon and its health.
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Mini Detox PLUS - 3 Colonics including minerals, probiotic & herbal implant

The ideal pattern of colonic treatments includes three alkalising colon hydrotherapy treatments with sodium bicarbonate, one anti-parasitic implant on the first treatment, one liver and gall bladder stimulating herbal implant on the second treatment, and high strength probiotic implant on the third colonic.

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Alkalising colonic irrigation with sodium bicarbonate

Safe and effective colon hydrotherapy including an initial consultation. Consequently, sodium bicarbonate delivered to the colon through hydrotherapy can kill off candida.

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The Ultimate Slimming Solution - Sequence of sixteen colonic irrigations

An intensive sequence of sixteen colon hydrotherapy sessions taken over five weeks prepares the body to lose toxic fluid fat. Includes consultation and nutrition advice.

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The Spring Cleanse - a series of Six colonic irrigations

series of Six colonic sessions to fully cleanse your colon. Only disposable accessories and Closed colon hydrotherapy system. Includes initial consultation.

Holborn, London
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