The immunologist spoke about the effect of interferon on immunity.

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 2nd April 2020
effect of interferon on immunity of pregnant women

The effect of interferon on immunity. What are the ways to strengthen the immune system while fighting the spread of coronavirus?
“There is evidence that interferon medicines strengthened the immune system in frequently ill children. As a result, their incidence rate sharply decreased. Therefore, interferon drugs are a real antiviral defence,” Anatoly Suslov said. He is the head of the laboratory of mediators and immunity effectors of the SRCEM.

“Evolution created the interferon system. So, it protects against viruses and bacteria. If you give drugs that stimulate the formation of interferons, you strengthen innate immunity. And it, in turn, controls most of the viruses that we have in the body,” the doctor explained.
Thus, if a person has no problems with innate immunity, then he quickly responds to the reproduction of the virus. “But in the modern world, medics associate immunodeficiencies with various reasons such as nutrition and stress. Because of this, infections can spread even among children,” Suslov said.

Over the past day, doctors identified 440 new cases of coronavirus in 35 regions have in Russia. The total number of cases in the country increased to 2 thousand 777 people.
According to the WHO, 693224 cases of infection with a new coronavirus were registered, 33106 people have died in the world.


Virologist: Coronavirus for pregnant women is not more dangerous than flu

“The Chinese coronavirus has the same effect on a pregnant woman as other viral infections,” Alexander Butenko said. He is the head of the arbovirus department of the Virology Research Institute.
Earlier media reported that in a Moscow hospital, a patient with a coronavirus infection gave birth to a baby, whose test also showed a positive result. There is no official confirmation of this information.
“This, incidentally, is not the first time a child is born with this virus. The same thing happened before in China – now the newborn is alive and well, and my mother recovered at the same time. If we compare the new coronavirus with SARS infection (SARS), which also refers to the coronavirus, then this disease in pregnant women can have consequences. In some cases, this leads to spontaneous abortion or death,” Butenko says.

Take into account the beneficial effect of interferon on immunity

Bear in mind that some expectant mothers may also have other diseases, such as diabetes, which complicates the situation, the virologist explains. Therefore, ladies need to be especially careful about their health and also follow absolutely all measures to minimize the risk of infection. They should also take into account the beneficial effect of interferon on immunity.
“In general, coronavirus infection corresponds to the spectrum of pathologies in the disease and other viruses – influenza, measles, rubella, and so on. Therefore, we can say that the consequences for the future mother from the coronavirus are not worse than from other infections, but there is still a certain danger,” Butenko summed up.
Earlier, the Ministry of Health issued interim recommendations regarding the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of coronavirus infection. According to them, when an expectant mother becomes infected, the risk of death is slightly increased.