Underarm rashes

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 2nd July 2018

Skin redness, which is often accompanied by itching, causes discomfort and anxiety. In addition to the fact that such manifestations are not aesthetically pleasing, they can testify to disturbances in the functioning of the body. The same applies to cases of itching under the armpit also. Both women and men may face such a problem. Children face it often.
A natural question arises about what to do in cases of itching under the armpits, what is not surprising. Itching in this part of the body disrupts healthy lifestyle; informal communication with people, including the opposite gender; playing sports; wearing your favourite clothes; performing daily body care; etc.

Causes of underarms rashes and diseases related to that

Studying the matter of hygiene, we can distinguish several factors that provoke a rash under the armpits.
One of the elements is intense sweating in combination with rare shower or bath. Depending on the type of activity and daily circumstances, some people do not usually have a shower twice a day. In the cases like that, armpits would require enhanced care.
Use of antiperspirants is another factor. We are not always scrupulous about the category of hygiene products for keeping the underarms clean. Commercials promise that the antiperspirant can reliably protect us from the appearance of unpleasant odours during the day, and sometimes up to two days. But the producers are silent that these hygiene products cause clogging of pores and glands. Some chemicals in hygiene products irritate the armpits, cause rash, itching and redness. Do not mess antiperspirant with deodorant. The latter gives your body a pleasant aroma only. However, unpleasant symptoms can be caused by the usual deodorant, if the skin is susceptible.
Women and many modern men prefer to get rid of hair under the armpits with the help of depilation. If you do it incorrectly then itching and skin irritation appears. You need to use emollients: cream, lotion after the procedure. The best option, in this case, is a baby cream. It is recommended to depilate on time as the growing hair is rigid in structure and can cause itching.
Toiletries such as soap, shampoo and cosmetics can cause itching. Hygiene products for body care can cause rash and itching under the arm too. They may not be suitable for your skin according to their content and can cause allergies.
Too tight-fitting elements of underwear and clothes can become a provocateur of an unpleasant phenomenon. Type of clothing material is essential: synthetics does not allow the skin to “breathe”, which causes unpleasant symptoms.
If a rash appears under the armpits, it might be an indication of a disease. Such manifestations occur in patients suffering from tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, endocrine system diseases, obesity, and hormonal imbalance.
If we talked about hormonal imbalance, then it could be due to pregnancy, puberty, falling at adolescence, menopause.
In some cases, the rash under the armpits can be a manifestation of an allergy to certain foods.