Colonic irrigation in Haringey

Anatori Sealife Comment 1 2nd December 2018
Colonic cleansing/irrigation with filtered ozonated water in Croydon and Haringey

Many seek an option to clean up the body. Various purification methods are available for that, including washing the bowels. Colonic irrigation in Haringey significantly affects the colon, removing toxins and harmful substances.

If undigested food residues begin to accumulate in the intestine, pathogenic bacteria start to multiply actively in it. As an effect of their vital activity, the intoxication of the organism starts, and toxins enter the bloodstream, causing a general deterioration in human health.

Today, doctors disagree on whether engaging in the bowel cleansing procedure is necessary since the body must regulate itself. Others are sure that such methods are essential since poor ecology and an abundance of junk food, coupled with stress, have led to the body’s inability to cope, and it needs help.

Sequential therapies

Today, many people often go for such options as colonic irrigation in Haringey. Practitioners carry out colon cleansing using specialised equipment. It usually allows passing up to 30 litres of water through the intestines for 45 minutes. We typically recommend several such sequential therapies.

Another quite popular method is the use of pharmaceutical sorbent supplements. Activated charcoal and other options for cleansing the intestines are widely used. It is essential to follow the instructions and not exceed the dosage strictly. It is necessary to remember that this method has a temporary effect and only allows you to increase the rate of toxins elimination.

Gentle bowel cleansing with Colonic irrigation in Haringey

Purification with wheat bran is another option. This method had a laxative effect, while it is a soft option and preferred against many others. It does not require any changes in a person’s lifestyle. Prepare a drink using two tablespoons of bran with 150 ml of kefir for cleansing. Stir well and drink before breakfast as a first thing. You can try to drink this in the evening before bedtime.


One of the options for the so-called “mild” cleansing is using the “brush, ” a special diet. We also recommend a salad recipe for cleaning the intestines, including chopped cabbage and carrots with beets. Vegetables must be raw. Such a method involves the preservation of fibres because they help cleanse the guts effectively.

Dress this salad with lemon juice. We do not advise against relying on this option because the beets have specific side effects. It is ideal when you first consult with your doctor.

Colonic irrigation in Haringey is the most effective and safe way, and it is also available in our clinic under the supervision of specialists.