Colonic irrigation corrects constipation

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 3rd January 2020
Colonic irrigation corrects constipation

“One of my more significant cases was Tommy. He is an eight-year-old boy with awful constipation anyone could imagine,” says former general surgeon and emergency medicine specialist Paul Flashner, MD, of Wellesley, Massachusetts. Observing their superior results for his patients, Dr Flashner adapted his treatment techniques almost entirely to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Moreover, he has incorporated colonic irrigation as a traditional CAM technique.

“Tommy’s constipation was awful. He never had a bowel movement for a week at a time. Recognizing the dangers of physiological toxicity, his parents took their son for consultation with numerous gastroenterologists. Further, the child had been subjected to colonoscopy a dozen times. But nothing could be found as the source of his blockage.

Moreover, laxatives hardly helped at all. There was no diagnosis except that the child suffered severe constipation,” confirms Dr Flashner. “Then the parents found their way to me so the boy might undergo examination and treatment one more time. Further, they described their eight-year-old condition.” What if colonic irrigation corrects constipation?

Improve the child’s diet and remove all junk foods.

“I improved the child’s diet and removed all junk foods. Then I instigated an exercise program, drank lots of water, balanced his colonic flora, and added fibre food supplements. But most vital for Tommy’s welfare is that he took colonic irrigation under my prescription. After that, the beneficial effect was dramatic; within six months, he was experiencing a natural and normal bowel movement daily. I decided not to introduce laxatives in his progress,” states Dr Flashner. “Now, the child no longer needs to consult me; he continues colonic cleansing by having colonic irrigation. He did this once a month for six months, and currently, he undergoes the cleansing four times a year. It’s been two years since Tommy remains in excellent physical condition.

Complementary and alternative

“Colonic irrigation is the perfect specific procedure to eliminate constipation and restore normal bowel function. My approach to medical practice is to balance the GI tract using stool testing. I find various pathologies relating to bacteria, yeast, parasites, and other organisms. Many diseases come from imbalances in the colon, as manifested by inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, autoimmune diseases, allergies, multiple sclerosis, and constipation. And, colonic irrigation, herbal supplements, and diet can correct such imbalances,” says Dr Paul Flashner. “There is no question about the huge difference a health professional can bring to the patient by utilizing colonic irrigation plus other complementary and alternative healing methods.”