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What are the benefits of Colonic Irrigation?

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 25 Sep 2018

060157e4f15e6ee03988986a87d818ed.jpgColonic Hydrotherapy or Colonic irrigation is not an innovation in medicine. The procedure is used for decades to treat various diseases of the digestive tract malfunctions. But doctors have increasingly become negative about this technique in recent years. Is this procedure useful? What is its essence? What is Colonic irrigation? What benefit can it bring?
Purifying colonic enemas have been used in medicine since the time of Hippocrates and Galen. Colonic Irrigation can be compared with an enema according to the principle of action.

Siphon colonic irrigation

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 25 Sep 2018

immagine_stitichezza_pag14.jpgSiphon colonic irrigation is carried out to empty the intestine and get rid of faecal matter, mucus and gases. Technically, the procedure is carried out using a unique installation. Mineralised water can be used to wash the intestine.
Colonic irrigation as a healing procedure and as an integral part of practising medicine has a centuries-old history but acquires a scientific justification only from the end of the XVIII to the beginning of the XIX century.
The procedure improves the well-being of patients, eliminates the puffiness of the face, helps to cleanse the skin from various rashes, including those caused by an allergic reaction, increases the elasticity of the skin, helps to reduce the overweight of patients without any special diet or fasting, significantly lowers cholesterol in the blood.

The body detox begins with the colonic irrigation

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 23 Sep 2018

image.jpgColonic irrigation as a holistic remedy is quite popular today because we begin to monitor our health closely and worry about it year after year. It will detox the intestines with the help of specialised equipment for colonic hydrotherapy.
Extremely polluted air, unhealthy, stuffed with chemicals, food, sedentary or excessively strained lifestyle have a detrimental effect on a person, which is not surprising.
We consume so much every day, and not only in the form of food.
Various particles and substances invisible to the eye begin to penetrate the body with the first-morning deep inhalation because any human activity aimed at producing anything is associated with the generation of waste.
The latter is not merely dumped in reservoirs or buried in particular amenity sites, they are disposed of in other, more primitive ways, although the above methods are far from ideal.

Equipment for colonic irrigation

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 23 Sep 2018

ochistka-kishechnika-gidrokolonoterapiej.jpgThe modern social and ecological situation in our country, the impact of acute and chronic psycho-traumatic factors, unbalanced diet and other causes that determine health, explain the relevance of using deep cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract through the method of colonic irrigation administered by a professional therapist.
Speaking about the modern approach to this problem, I would like to recall that attempts to apply methods of cleansing the bowels and decompressing it at the level of the large intestine were made in ancient Rome and Egypt. The manuscripts of Tibetan lamas and Indian yogis describe the cleansing of the bowels through cleansing enemas. Since ancient times it is known that human health depends on the state of the intestines by 70%. \

Cleansing of the intestine and liver

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 19 Sep 2018

2501a-44.jpgIt is believed that harmful and ballast substances can accumulate in the body due to malnutrition and because of ageing.
So, from time to time, it is necessary to carry out procedures for the body detox. As a rule, the following sequence is recommended: the intestine, then the liver and the kidneys. And as the final, body fluids are purified.
All these procedures can be carried out in specialised clinics, but several methods of detoxing the body at home exist. Cleansing the intestines and the liver is an essential component of health.
Intestinal Cleansing.

What are the recipes of intestinal cleansing?

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 19 Sep 2018

d93103ec19d05bb80b8519b201013b6253d4f6dd.jpgIf you regularly clean the intestines, you can significantly reduce the risk of various problems, but without guarantees. Recipes for cleansing the bowels are presented in a wide range today.
Even though all of the above factors may seem blurred and suitable for other diseases and dysfunctions, first of all, they talk let know of the accumulation of toxins and problems with the intestines.
So, hopefully, at this stage, we have convinced you already that the intestines need to be cleansed.
The intestine needs to be flushed periodically. Recipes for cleansing the bowels are divided into holistic and medical.

Cleansing of the small intestine

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 16 Sep 2018

content_кишечник.jpgMany diseases frequently occur due to disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. The accumulation of various slags and harmful substances in the intestine leads to dysfunction of the digestive system. Timely regular cleansing of the small intestine will prevent many diseases, general deterioration of well-being.
First and foremost, intestinal cleansing is necessary to strengthen the immune system. Since the function of the protective mechanism is aimed at eliminating the consequences of accumulated toxins and waste in the digestive system, cleansing will reduce the level of toxicity.

Methods of intestinal cleansing

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 16 Sep 2018

Motor_cleaning_intestines.pngOne of the first, the most critical stages of cleansing the body of toxins and other harmful substances is a purification of the intestine. The intestinal cleansing can be carried out as part of the program for complete body detox, and separately.
The need for cleansing the intestine is, if: you have never performed a cleansing of the bowels or have done it a long time ago; you do not practice regular fasting; thermally processed foods and/or food of animal origin are present in your diet; you live in the city; you do not play sports regularly or do not exercise at all.
Cleansing of the bowels, the methods of which are diverse, helps to maintain health. You need to carry out regular procedures for cleansing the intestines and the entire body.

Diet for cleaning the intestines

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 15 Sep 2018

0aac02714980b042e448363c96f12169.jpegThe very word "diet", like many others, came to us from the ancient Greek language, which denoted "lifestyle, diet." And to this day under the diet understand a specific diet and a diet, which is calibrated by the number, caloric content, chemical composition and a cooking method. In other words, the diet is not synonymous with starvation. In turn, a diet for cleansing the intestine is a way to get rid of harmful substances (toxicants, for example), abandoning processed and high-calorie foods, thereby purifying the gastrointestinal tract.

Cleansing the intestine before the operation

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 15 Sep 2018

ochistka-kishechnika-gidrokolonoterapiej.jpgBefore the operation on the abdominal cavity, the cleansing of the bowel is most often required. This is done so that the surgeon can operate the pathological site in more comfortable conditions, as well as to prevent infection. Some food remains on the walls of the intestines during digestion, causing "slagging" of the body. Cleansing of the gut before the operation is carried out in several ways.
Before the operation, you need to consult with your doctor about the choice of the method of purification. Do not forget about contraindications. Most often, enemas or laxatives are used. An important role is played by the diet on the eve of surgery, the food should be "slagless." 12 hours before the operation, you should not eat, so the stomach and the intestines should be empty.

Methods for purifying lymph

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 14 Sep 2018

ochistka-limfy.jpgEveryone can see lymph when they get some kind of injury. Lymph is a clear liquid that begins to protrude from the wound. This viscous liquid protects a person from viruses, bacteria, toxins, various parasites, and participates in the creation of the immune system. Methods for purifying lymph are different.
Purification should be carried out with the following indispositions: with pelvic diseases; acne; at diseases of joints; when papillomas are formed.

Stagnation and purification of lymph

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 14 Sep 2018

sposoby-ochishheniya-limfy-dostupnye-v-domashnix-usloviyax.jpgLymph is a transparent liquid substance, the composition of which is almost identical to the blood plasma. The lymph flows through the vessels of the lymphatic system and circulates in the human body according to the principle of the bottom-up. Along with the tissue fluid and blood, the lymph maintains the water balance in the body, and also promotes the elimination of toxins, participates in the metabolic process, provides a link between organs and tissues.
Lymph stagnation or lymphostasis is a condition caused by impaired lymph flow and accumulation in the tissues of the intercellular fluid. Lymphostasis leads to increased permeability and rupture of lymphatic capillaries, but at the same time leads to the formation of protein coagulants the blood clots in the vessels. Stagnation of lymph causes chronic puffiness, hypoxia of tissues, disturbance of water-electrolyte balance and metabolic processes, dystrophic and sclerotic changes.

Medications for purification of lymph

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 14 Sep 2018

lymphatic-system.jpgThe lymphatic system is one of the most significant and complex systems in the human body. In essence, the lymphatic system is responsible for purifying the body. Medications for clearing lymph do not always have an effect. Clearing of lymph is better to be engaged under the guidance of experts. Lymph (lat. Lympha) is a transparent liquid that circulates through the human lymphatic system. There are no erythrocytes and platelets in it, but there are many lymphocytes. There are about 1-2 litres of lymph in the human body. This liquid is filled with toxins, slags, bacteria and all parasites that enter our body throughout the day with food and polluted air, etc. Through the lymphatic vessels, lymph, together with all this "garbage" gets to the lymph nodes, which filter and hold up microbes and purify the lymph from bacteria and viruses.

Effective intestinal cleaning

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 14 Sep 2018

shutterstock_583399804.jpgIf you suffer constant headaches, insomnia, chronic fatigue, weight gain, constipation, nausea, skin rashes and other health problems, it is possible that the cause of all these troubles is problems with the intestines.
Specific protection against pathogenic microorganisms is provided by lactobacilli, which live in the colon, supporting the necessary balance of microflora in it. However, they alone cannot resist all the adverse effects to which the colon is exposed. And there are many of them. Clogging of the intestine develops because of: sedentary lifestyle; stress; eat in a hurry and dry.

How can I lose weight without medicine?

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 12 Sep 2018

gl67.jpgThere is a category of women who are horrified by the fact that they will have to resort to diets to lose weight quickly. And they do not bring a sustainable and lasting effect. Usually lost pounds are gained back with a surplus. It's better to understand right away why you need to look for a way to lose weight without drugs and harsh restrictions.
Besides, any restrictions on nutrition negatively reflect on the function of internal organs, hormonal system, metabolism. Therefore, solving the problem of how to lose weight quickly, we reject the idea of rigid food restrictions.
The second extreme, which is lazy ladies' favourite, are "miraculous" pills that supposedly allow losing weight effortlessly. Making such a choice, remember: the least effect that you will get from medications of this type is a purification of the intestine and reduction of oedema since they basically have a diuretic and diarrhoea effect. At worst, you will develop severe disorders of the nervous system and the digestive tract.

How to lose weight in a month without drugs?

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 12 Sep 2018

kak-pohudet-bez-tabletok-1.jpgA woman always has a desire to lose weight and make appropriate efforts in advance, but not always it turns out. After all, there are so many temptations in the fridge, as well as constant and seemingly endless occasional events and buffets! But it is advisable to learn how to lose weight in a month without drugs, so as not to harm your body.
The problem of overweight affects both men and women. The main reason for the appearance of fatty deposits is malnutrition and a sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately, today's food on the stores' shelves is not very useful for our body shape. Fast food is particularly harmful to the body. In America, for example, a large part of the population is suffering because of the fast food. Almost every second American faces the problem of excess weight. This problem is not so severe In our country but no less relevant. 

How to reduce cholesterol without drugs quickly and lose weight?

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 12 Sep 2018

10-kriolipoliza.jpgCholesterol refers to organic compounds, lipids that enter the body with food, and also synthesised in the liver. One of the types of natural fatty alcohols the cholesterol is needed to ensure the healthy life of a person.
Excess cholesterol in the blood is the primary link in the process of atherosclerotic or cholesteric deposits and plaques in the blood vessels. Our advice will tell you how to reduce cholesterol without drugs quickly and lose weight.
Circulating in blood in excess cholesterol has the property of sticking together and accumulating in the arteries. Clumps or plaques obstruct the movement of blood, creating obstacles to blood flow and narrowing the vessels, which causes oxygen starvation and insufficient blood supply to tissues and organs. Upon disintegration, parts of the plaque contribute to the formation of a thrombus, which provokes thromboembolism, heart attacks, strokes and can lead to death.

With what medicine can you lose weight without a diet?

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 12 Sep 2018

moi-rodi546.jpgEveryone secretly dreams of losing weight without diet and exercise, but most understand that miracles do not happen. Are there any pills that help to lose weight without a diet? Or is it better not to abuse medicines?
Many people can ask a very reasonable question: why do we need diet pills at all? Instead of stuffing yourself with all sorts of chemistry, you just have to use your willpower, abruptly give up most foods and exercise regularly. Alas, it's theoretically easy, but in practice, for some reason, almost no one does it. And there are groups of patients for whom traditional approaches to the treatment of obesity are unacceptable.

How to lose weight in a week without medication?

Posted on 10 Sep 2018

super-pohudenie.jpgMany people are looking for a way to lose weight in a week without medication. They mistakenly think that the cause of excess weight is the fats in all their manifestations. In fact, excess weight appears from consumed carbohydrates. First of all, let's pay attention to so-called drugs for weight loss, fat burning, etc. Such medicines can be taken only after consultation with a doctor-nutritionist. Those drugs are advertised and offered to people, under the guise of fat burners, in fact, they are either diuretics or remedies to increase sweating, reduce appetite, prevent fat retention.

Restoration of children's intestinal microflora after antibiotics intake

Posted on 9 Sep 2018

content_кишечник.jpgIn the season of colds and infections, it is almost impossible to cure a child without "heavy artillery" of antibiotics. These drugs kill pathogenic microorganisms and "cause" a severe blow to the intestinal microflora, the walls of which are lined with cells that make up the immune system. Children usually lose their appetite after a course of antibiotics, and there are unpleasant feelings in the abdomen (bloating, flatulence, cramping pains). Restoration of the children's intestinal microflora after antibiotics is a crucial stage after the illness.
Because the intestines are devoid of useful bacteria, the food cannot be digested completely, the remaining particles rot and are quickly "evacuated", because of what the child is tormented by diarrhoea and dehydration. Otherwise, stool particles condense what leads to constipation: the products of decay poison and weaken the body.

Cheap medicines for intestinal microflora

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 8 Sep 2018

982491506.jpgInside us is a whole world of microorganisms. We exist with them in a mutually beneficial symbiosis. We for them are the environment and the source of existence. They for us are normal digestion and strengthening of immunity. Cheap drugs for the intestinal microflora are doing their job well. Probiotics are microbes, which constitute the fantastic inner world of our digestive tract, in other words, it is a microflora that destroys pathogenic bacteria.
Prebiotics are chemicals that are part of a wide range of foods. They are food for probiotics and stimulate their active growth. All the medicines with which we restore our microflora contain either microbes or food for them. Combined drugs include both.

What are the medicines for the restoration of intestinal microflora of the children's gastrointestinal tract?

Posted on 8 Sep 2018

large-preview-microbiome7.jpgTypically, the microflora of the children's intestine is 85-98% composed of bifidobacteria, the exact rate depends on the age. In addition to them, lactobacilli, streptococci and other useful microbes, as well as some pathogenic microorganisms, live in the intestine. When the balance is disrupted, and harmful bacteria outnumber the good ones, dysbacteriosis starts developing.
There are three main reasons for the development of dysbiosis in the children's gastrointestinal tract: Errors in nutrition, mistakes in introducing complementary foods; Infections; Antibacterial therapy in mom or baby.

What is the proper way of correction of intestinal microflora?

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 7 Sep 2018

34747.jpgThe decisive role of normal microflora of the human intestine is excellent. Providing antigenic irritation of the mucous membrane the intestinal autoflora stimulates the maturation of mechanisms of general and local immunity. In the process of its vital activity, lactic, acetic, formic, propionic, butyric acids are formed, which promote acidification of the chyme and prevent the propagation of pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria in the intestine. Synthesized by intestinal autoflora antibiotic substances (colicin, lactolin, streptocid, nisin, lysozyme) have a bactericidal or bacteriostatic effect on pathogens.

Correction of the intestinal microflora

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 7 Sep 2018

disbakterioz-kishechnika-lechenie-narodnymi-sredstvami.jpgThe intestinal microflora is a critical part of the human body. First of all, it is the proper functioning of the immune system, but with the imbalance of microflora, other biochemical processes that occur in our body suffer.
For example, the work of the digestive tract where a healthy intestinal microflora is involved in neutralising fatty acids, in digesting food, dissolving fibre and hydrolysing proteins, in forming an acidic environment in the intestine to prevent the propagation of pathogenic microflora. Without the participation of normal microflora, vitamins are not synthesised and poorly absorbed by the gut, the gaseous composition of the intestine and water-salt metabolism in the human body suffers. Also, a healthy microflora takes part in the processes of the metabolism of bile acid and cholesterol and regulates stool.of synbiotics, and contain prebiotics and probiotics in their composition. Synbiotics simultaneously replace the deficiency of healthy intestinal flora, and stimulate its growth, creating a favourable environment for the life of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.

A quick way to remove fat from the sides once and for all

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 6 Sep 2018

57f79a6d-d1e4-4b3b-b4c8-7d0db100d56f_670x0_resize.pngNobody promises any easy ways, remember the most essential principle of any changes in life - do no harm. The approach to the process of losing weight should be comprehensive for a reliable and safe result! If you decide to exclude a visit to a dietician and do not want exhausting workouts in the gym, then such a task becomes even more complicated for you. An alternative to supervision by a dietitian and fitness trainer may be to fight excess weight at home - only motivation and strong-willed effort are essential.
A quick way to remove fat from the sides once and for all exists. Here are the basic settings for getting rid of excess fat in the love handles and on the stomach

How to reduce the waist size quickly?

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 6 Sep 2018

85469763.jpgIn the past, ladies were proud of their aspen waists and agreed to any torture to become the owner of such. Just wearing a corset was worth it. In today's world, women, although a little less, but are also concerned about the size of their waist. And they try to make every effort to make it thinner in the shortest possible time. So how do you reduce your waist quickly? To the waist reached ideal criteria in just a week, you will have to deal with this task quite seriously.
Thus, the first thing you need to do is to revise your menu and the quality of the food you take. Stop using refined foods, semi-finished food, deep-fried, spicy, smoked, too salty and fatty. The best foods for your menu are those containing fibre: fruits, vegetables. Also include more lean meat in your diet, dairy products with a low-fat content, as well as nuts, seeds and legumes.

The proper diet for weight loss

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 4 Sep 2018

1485172900.jpgDiet for weight loss is the way many chose, wanting to lose weight. The menu of such a diet should consist of a variety of dishes, so as not to get bored and be useful for the body too.
A pledge of prosperous and healthy weight loss is in proper nutrition! Eating useful food at a set time, firstly you forget about the insidious sense of hunger, and, secondly, discreetly begin to lose hateful pounds. The main thing is not to give up. It's over, no matter how sad it was, but it is necessary to refuse flour, sweet and fat.

Special diet for weight loss

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 4 Sep 2018

crop.jpgAll modern systems of healthy nutrition are aimed not only at reducing weight but in improving health too. It's not fashionable to be haggard and nervous today. Beauty is natural and cheerful, so diet for weight loss should be selected correctly.
In the opinion of dietitians, diet for weight loss should be diverse, so that the body receives all nutrients, vitamins and trace elements in sufficient quantities. The food should be delicious too because of the constant stress of feeling hungry and boredom from monotonous tasteless food does not benefit the psyche or the body.

Incredible Calorie Burning

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 2 Sep 2018

dieta-dlya-pokhudeniya-1-696x538.jpgIn the process of losing weight, it is essential to move physically and exercise actively. Burning calories affects how much calories your body can consume. Most people who are seeking to lose weight set themselves the task of burning more calories than eaten.
The problem is that to date our energy costs have significantly decreased compared to the energy costs of our ancestors. Previously, the average man needed to consume 5000 calories, and a woman - 4000, but today these figures have halved. It turns out that we need half the food.
If we reduce the amount of food, we will receive half the amount of nutrients (considering this is against the background of the fact that there are much fewer of these substances in products), and this will cause another problem - cell hunger.

Fat burners, or a panacea for losing weight?

Author: Irina Erygina
Posted on 2 Sep 2018

дисбактериоз_-_это_синдром.jpgTo quickly reduce body weight, some people are ready to spend all day in the gym and wear themselves out with diets. And someone prefers to use specific drugs so-called fat burners for weight loss.
Fat burners are additives used in professional sports and bodybuilding to reduce body fat. As a rule, they are selected by the trainer taking into account the individual characteristics of the person.
The use of fat burning additives allows you to run several processes in the body.

Losing weight without pills is possible!

Posted on 30 Aug 2018

Slimming without pillsThere are many ways to lose weight. All of them have been tested by someone and used separately or in a complex, depending on the desired result. To choose the right method, set a goal and establish how long you plan to achieve it.
So what do you need to do first to lose weight without pills? First, decide on the time for which you need to lose weight. If you come to your senses 2-3 weeks before your vacation or other events, then you need to bring yourself into shape by emergency methods that do not always have a good effect on the body. It is better to tune in to a long, methodical work to improve their body shapes and to consolidate the achieved result.

Easy ways to overcome vaginal dysbiosis

Posted on 29 Aug 2018

woman-with-menstruation-stomach-painVaginal dysbiosis, otherwise - vaginosis, is a disease that almost every woman has suffered at least once in her life. In fact, this ailment is a consequence of the imbalance of lactobacilli and pathogenic microflora; in the norm, the latter is present in the body in minimal quantities.
The vaginal flora of a healthy woman is 95% composed of beneficial bacteria. Their purpose is to produce lactic acid and other antibacterial substances, thereby preventing the development of undesirable processes that cause "harmful" microorganisms.

Effective treatment of dysbiosis

Posted on 28 Aug 2018

effective treatment of intestinal dysbacteriosisThe most effective treatment of intestinal dysbacteriosis can be achieved only by a complex method - it is determined by the gastroenterologist from the results of laboratory tests.
Trying to solve the problem only with drugs that contain the necessary microflora does not always work. It is needed not only to restore the essential balance of flora, where the bacteria beneficial to the body will prevail but also strengthen the immune system, to increase its resistance to pathogenic microorganisms. When treating intestinal dysbiosis, the doctor also takes into account the fact that the "bad" bacteria provoked the development of the disease, and prescribes appropriate therapy. Its goal is the removal of toxic products from the intestines, the formation of which contributed to the violation of microflora.

Colitis of the intestine will no longer be a problem

Posted on 27 Aug 2018

Kolit-kishechnika-simptomy-i-lechenieThe inflammatory process of the colon is called colitis. Inflammatory bowel disease is the general term for a group of chronic pathologies when a painful process affects the digestive tract.
Colitis of the intestine is a pathology of the colon and rectum. The disease is accompanied by inflammation or degeneration of the internal mucosa due to infectious, ischemic, medicinal damage. It includes the following conditions.

Is losing weight in a month safe?

Posted on 23 Aug 2018

1384780728_zelenyy-chay-dlya-pohudeniyaUnfortunately, the problem of excess weight is one of the most serious today. A large number of programs, methods and remedies to combat excess weight are already available. However, many of those are harmful to health, especially short-term ones. So how to lose weight in one month safely? Losing weight following extreme diets and fasting, many have achieved excellent results indeed. But a significant disadvantage of such methods is hidden in their short-term effect. Quickly dropped weight is put back on even with an excess usually. If a person wants to forget about this problem permanently rather than gaining and losing weight regularly, then it is worth choosing the safest and long-term methods accordingly. It is safe to lose weight in one month as follows.

What are the signs of bowel cancer?

Posted on 22 Aug 2018

visual examination of the walls of the colonThe first signs of intestinal cancer should be identified using instrumental methods of visual examination of the walls of the colon, with sounding or ray methods, without penetrating into the body.
The basis for assigning instrumental or laboratory studies are risk groups; age over 40 years, but there are cases of disease at a younger age;
the presence of some signs indicating a lesion of the gastrointestinal tract as well as of any other symptomatology, for example, a combination of cardiac and excretory disorders against a background of intestinal disorders.
The competent vigilance of a general practitioner plays a critical role in the diagnosis of cancer during this period, as people turn to the therapist in the early stages of the disease in 70-90% of cases, often for reasons not related to cancer.

Platelet-rich-plasma injections

Posted on 20 Aug 2018

Plasmolifting or Platelet-rich-plasma injectionsPlasmolifting or Platelet-rich-plasma injections is a procedure that helps you to become slimmer and younger with your own blood. I experienced a process with plasma injections, and I'm ready to tell you what PRPI is and whether the method really helps.
A syringe with a plasma extracted from my own blood - it does not sound like it's appetising, does it? But do not hurry to blame me for show off. People began to be interested in the properties of human blood long ago. It is believed that the first procedures with its participation were held in the time of the pharaohs. Well, in fact, you can recall all these ancient horrors, when people, hungry for beauty and youth, wiped themselves off with the blood of virgins or took it inside as a life-giving drink. However, we are now talking about science.

Wrinkle Relaxing Injection

Posted on 19 Aug 2018

To reduce the activity of facial expressions and to relax the facial musclesWhen it comes to preserving the youthfulness of the skin, we are ready for anything. One of the most effective and popular anti-wrinkle remedies is considered to be muscle relaxants.
To reduce the activity of facial expressions and to relax the facial muscles, cosmetologists use injections with the strongest paralytic poison relaxing wrinkles - toxin botulism (Botox, Disport, Lanex). This very successful method is called myorelaxation from "myo" - "muscle", relax - "relaxation." Injections of this toxin in small doses relax the muscles and smooth wrinkles (they stop the transmission of excitation from the neuron to the muscle, which prevents its contraction).\

PDO thread-face-lifting

Posted on 18 Aug 2018

Experts apply a unique method of rejuvenation - PDO thread liftingAt a young age, we naively believe that wrinkles will not appear on our face even at the age of 40. Despite the great desire to always remain beautiful, age changes are still coming. Mimic wrinkles become deep and well marked, nasolabial folds appear, the face oval is distorted. Age changes also adversely affect the body shape. And at this moment it is imperative to make a decision: to reconcile with natural ageing or to allow yourself to remain beautiful, regardless of age.
For those who always want to look luxurious, PDO thread lifting is offered. The newest achievements in the field of skin bio-regeneration, which are used in our clinic, allow us to preserve youthful skin for many years. Experts apply a unique method of rejuvenation - PDO thread lifting.


Posted on 17 Aug 2018

Mesotherapy is an intradermal injection of active substancesMesotherapy is an intradermal injection of active substances. The latter include vitamins, hyaluronic acid, phospholipids. These components are often found in most cosmetic creams, serums and masks. However, with the traditional method of application, active substances cannot penetrate the thick layers of the skin, so that they affect only its surface. Meanwhile, it is the condition of the thick layers of the dermis that determines how our skin looks. Mesotherapy can deliver the necessary substances directly to the destination.

Intestinal microflora

Posted on 16 Aug 2018

probiotics in the large intestineThe intestine is not only an organ that digests food. The bacteria that inhabit it play an indispensable role in the process of protecting the body against infections. The human immune system is 70% dependent on the population of probiotics in the large intestine. We'd like to tell you what factors affect the intestinal microflora, how to maintain its balance and strengthen the defences of the body.
Intestinal microflora is a variety of microorganisms living in the human gastrointestinal tract. Most of them are bacteria of the large intestine, represented mainly by bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. These are important for human health microorganisms-probiotics, performing a lot of functions necessary to ensure standard vital functions.

Dermal Fillers

Posted on 15 Aug 2018

Dermal fillers do not contain neurotoxinsDermal fillers are substances for injection, which most often have the form of liquids or gels. After entering the dermis or subcutaneous layer, dermal fillers eliminate the external signs of ageing, replacing the lost fat and filling the empty space under wrinkles, facial wrinkles and the skin of the sunken cheeks. Dermal fillers are used to form fuller lips or eliminate various facial defects.
Dermal fillers differ significantly from neurotoxins, for example, botulinum toxin. Neurotoxins are injected into the skin to weaken the muscles that cause the appearance of facial wrinkles. The injection is made directly into the muscle. The main areas of neurotoxin injection are inter-brow wrinkles, crow's feet and wrinkles on the forehead. Dermal fillers do not contain neurotoxins.

Chemical Peeling

Posted on 14 Aug 2018

skin renewal and rejuvenation today is chemical peelingOne of the most effective and often used procedures for skin renewal and rejuvenation today is chemical peeling the elimination of defects and deep wrinkles without surgical intervention. Since such a peeling is a radical method, it should be done in a specially equipped office of a cosmetologist and only if there are serious indications.
In cosmetology, there are three types of chemical peeling, the difference is in the degree of effect on the skin.

Aqualyx Treatment of Localised Adiposity

Posted on 13 Aug 2018

Aqualyx treatment of localised obesityThe method of intralipotherapy with the application of the drug Aqualyx is a new world standard for correcting local fat deposits without surgery. It is an injection technique specially developed by the professor of the University of Ferrara (Italy), vice-president of the Italian Society for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery Pascual Motolese for the introduction of the drug of lipolytic action Aqualyx. This method involves the injection of the drug in adipose tissue, specially designed needles Lipoinject strict compliance with the protocol procedure. The infusion of the drug through intralipotherapy is virtually painless and does not require additional anaesthesia. Aqualyx treatment of localised obesity can be performed at our clinic in Chiswick, London.

How to lose weight without a diet?

Posted on 12 Aug 2018

tricks to lose weight without a dietHow to lose weight without diet, and even quicker, and even at home, without the help of a nutritionist? It seems that this is a dream from the category of unrealizable, to which, despite its illusory, many women come back again and again. And how to avoid such thoughts, if all attempts to reduce the diet to a debilitating minimum result in a breakdown and a new jump of the scales' arrows up? However, nutritionists and psychologists are sure: there is a way out! And it leads through the mind but the stomach.
Low-calorie food, regular exercise, consistent control, but ...

Bowel rinsing with mineral water

Posted on 11 Aug 2018

a98Mw.jpgIn the event of failures in the functionality of the gastrointestinal tract, bowel irrigation with mineral water is often prescribed. This procedure clears the intestines from harmful substances, as well as normalizes the working capacity of the body. The procedure is often prescribed for men with inflammation of the genitals. This method of purification is carried out in a clinic or in a complex at a sanatorium-and-spa treatment. Performing the cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract with mineral irrigation by yourself is not recommended.

LPG for cellulite

Posted on 10 Aug 2018

0_17d294_2ca597c8_XL.jpgIn the presence of cellulite in the body, it is crucial to monitor lymphatic circulation in adipose tissue, as it could reduce significantly. Italian dermatologist, Sergio Churri, examined the possible methods of preventing such issue and suggested *tissue movement* as one of the ways of stimulating blood and lymph circulation. LPG treatments proved to be useful for helping to treat cellulite.
Around the same time in France, it was fashionable to attend endermology treatments, which is a mechanical massage carried out with a set of rollers and a vacuum. Since then, both manual and automated massages were used as anti-cellulite procedures around Europe and America. Lymphatic drainage massage techniques, based on active mechanical tissue stimulations, are registered trademarks of the LPG treatment.

Doctors who offer treatments against candidiasis

Posted on 9 Aug 2018

doctors_who_offer_treatments_against_candidiasisCandidiasis is a name given to the category of fungal diseases caused by yeast-like fungi that are part of the Candida genus.
All representatives of this genus are pathogenic fungi. Candida fungi usually inhabit the human body in limited quantities. Under certain circumstances, the fungus can begin to multiply rapidly, causing the development of serious illnesses. While the fungus infects the body, the reflection of that can appear as a thrush that produces white secretions around its local area.

How many steps do you need to lose weight?

Posted on 8 Aug 2018

thumb_15421_news_main.jpegWalking is considered to be the simplest kind of sport. After all, to start walking, no specialised training or coach is required. Proved: walking strengthens the cardiovascular system and helps to slim. So how many steps do you need to lose weight? Doctors recommend walking for 5-10 kilometres every day. Surveys that carried in the US and Europe showed that a city resident walks even less than 2.5 km per day. This distance is considered an extremely short for burning fat.
First, you need to set a goal for yourself and achieve it, i.e., 10,000 steps each day. Or at least, to walk no less than 4-5 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Naturally, a person achieves ten thousand steps gradually.

Diet 5:2

Posted on 7 Aug 2018

dieta-dlja-hzivota.jpgToday we will talk about a new fashionable diet, called just "5:2". It is incredibly useful and does not involve the rejection of any food. The results are impressive.
This food system was invented by British journalist Michael Mosley (Michael Mosley), who specialises in TV programs about human health. He released his film Eat, Fast & Live Longer in 2012. That video is about Michael, as well as other doctors and scientific researchers, who scrupulously studied the question of how we live longer. Throughout the movie, he finds out that it is essential to fast sometimes to live longer.

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